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Digital Voice Recording USB Flash Drive 1GB, € 1,50 per stuck

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Digital Voice Recording USB Flash Drive



■   2-in-1function:avoiceRECORDERandaUSB stickfordatastorage.

■    35 hours of recording time (1Gmemory)

■- Powered byPC.

  • Supports Windows ME/2000/XPNistaand Mac OS.

Knowing the USB RECORDERUSBconnector           c:J�---Q--�

Built-in microphone LED indicator light

Recording button

Usingthe USB RECORDER for Voice Recording

  • T his Recorder uses FAT 16 file system. On first time use, format the Recorder in FAT16 (orFAT).
  • If the Recorder is unplugged duringrecording,

the last minute of recording will be lost, because the Recorder updates the file every minute.

Making the recording

  1. Insert the RECORDER to the USB port of yourPC.
  2. PC will recognize the RECORDER if you have Windows ME/2000/XP and Mac OS. A"Removable disk" drive appears in "MyComputer".
  3. PressRECon the RECORDERtostartthe

recording, and the LED flashes.


  1. PressRECagaintostop.Afileisgenerated automatically for thisrecording.

Playing back the recording

Double click the file to playback using Windows Media Player.

Using the USB RECORDER for data storaging

  1. Insert the RECORDER to the USB port of yourPC.
  2. PC will recognize the RECORDER if you have Windows ME/2000/XP and Mac OS, anda "Removable disk" drive appears in "MyComputer".
  3. YoucannowtransferfilestoandfromtheRemovable· disk (USBRECORDER).

Removing the USB RECORDER fromYour PCNOTE:

  • To avoid data loss or damage to your RECORDER, do notremovetheRECORDERwhentheLEDlightison, indicating the RECORDER is recording or processing thedata.
  • After unplugging the RECORDER, wait for 5 secondsbefore plugging inagain.

To unplug the RECORDER Windows 98/98SE

You could unplug the RECORDER from the USB port

directly once the LED stops blinking.

Windows ME/2000/XP

  1. Click the icon of MP3 USB Flash Driveat the right down corner, and a "Stop USB MassStorage

Device-Drive(H:)" menu appears. (Depending on your PC, different Drive than Drive (H:) may appears).

  1. FollowtheinstructiontoremovetheRECORDER.


------------------------------ ----

Voice recorder + Regular USB drive for file storage

  • SimplyconnecttoaPCviaUSBandmakethevoicerecording.

■    Perfect for meeting s, interviews, personal notes, classroom, lectures,etc.

■    Built-in1GBmemorygives 35 hoursofrecordingtime.

■    Nobatteryrequired,poweredbyyourPC.

  • Built-inmicrophone.

■    Plug-and-Playtechnology, nosoftwareisrequired.

■    Playback throughPC.

■    Doubles as USB flash drive for general datastorage.

■    Status indicator LEDlight.

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