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The Chessmaster (SNES) NTSC

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NTSC versie (USA)



Meet The Chessmaster. The strongest, most challenging chess program ever created for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


The Chessmaster is a perfect teacher and a relentless foe. Beginners can learn from "Teach" and "Hint" modes, as well as the "Newcomer" levels of play. More experienced players can be challenged all the way up to the "Grandmaster" level!


  • Stunning 3-D and 2-D perspectives and colorful fantasy piece sets.
  • Play against 150,000 moves in classic openings.
  • 16 levels of play - from Newcomer to Grandmaster.
  • Watch The Chessmaster think as he plans his moves...
  • Play against the computer or a human.
  • "War Room" displays move list, captured pieces and thinking window.
  • Graphically turn the board 90 degrees to view every angle.
  • Watch and learn - The Chessmaster can play both sides.


Verzendkosten: 5,00 euro (Nederland)

Verzendkosten: 9,50 euro (België)





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